D I E T Thrissur, located at Ramavarmapuram, is functioning to bring about the improvement in Primary Education and to make various researches on its competency and vigilance in the district.

The institution is:

  • Committed to strive for training to bring about qualitative improvement in Primay School Education.
  • To enlighten the teachers and make them aware of the modern trends in the field of Primary education.
  • To provide the teachers with the convenience of a study centre.
  • It renders inservice training to primary teachers through many subject experts and Educationalists.

NPE envisaged the concept of DIET to support the national and state level agencies for the qualitative improvement of elementary and adult education system. DIET provided academic and resource support at the grass root level for the success of the various strategies and programmes being undertaken in the areas of elementary and the adult educatin. DIET organises inservice programme for teachers and training programme for AE/NFE personnal.

DIET performs the following functions ::

– Pre service and inservice education of teachers for the formal school systems.

– Training and orientation of heads of institution in institutional planning and management

– Serving as evaluation centre for primary and upper primary schools as well as Non formal and adult education programme.

– Action research and experimentation work.

– Monitoring and Evaluation.


Office Address District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) – Thrissur
Ramavarmapuram P.O.
Thrissur Dt. – 680 631
Phone (0487) 2332070
Website :